Getting Started

Start off by downloading the program from the official website:

There are a number of options on the above link. Though the current version of UltraStar isn't necessary a "final" release, it's pretty damn awesome and much better than the older versions. It's very stable and runs well. To obtain this version, click on the installation appropriate for your operating system, and download the installation file.

The ChallengeMod is fantastic as well; this is covered in other sections.

Once it’s downloaded and installed, run UltraStar Deluxe. The start screen will look something like this:

1) Sing - what it says on the tin. It will take you to your collection of songs, and you can browse through them using the left and right keys, pressing enter to make your selection.

2) Party - This takes the game to a whole new level when you’ve got a group of people playing, with various different modes including blind (the notes do not show), first to 5000 (the song ends when 1 player has achieved this), and Pass the Mic (where the whole group gets involved). The game chooses which players from each team are going to sing on each round. It is typically played across 7 rounds; the team with the most points across the rounds is the overall winner.

3) Tools - this contains a MIDI file converter (for song creation, though there are better methods) and setup options. These will be necessary when you set up your microphones, and like most programs it offers options for changing the appearance and turning on/off certain features. Moreover, this is the place to go to if you want to change the number of players.

4) Quit - self-explanatory.

I would recommend going into the ‘Sing’ option and selecting one of the sample songs as a starting point. There should be a couple of freebies in there. Even though your microphones won’t be set up yet, it gives you an idea of the gameplay. Use ‘escape’ to exit the song.

The next step is to start adding songs of your choice.