About Vocaluxe

Whilst UltraStar is directly based on the source code of the SingStar games for Playstation, Vocaluxe is a much more recent development which, though heavily inspired by UltraStar Deluxe, has been built from scratch and has a very unique appearance and gameplay.

What's different?

Firstly, the appearance of the gameplay is quite different, with arrows moving from left to right in order to show where the next note is. The sheet music scroll, however, is still present:

Secondly, up to 6 players can take part at once, without the need for dual screen setup:

The song selection screen is also different; a grid view replaces the circular appearance of the old one. This can be viewed without "tabs", in which all songs appear on the same screen:

Alternatively, songs can be separated by "tabs." This might be by artist letter, title letter, genre, folder (in which covers are customisable), or edition:

Vocaluxe also relies much more heavily on interactions with the mouse (or, alternatively, a WiiMote) for navigation. Thus, player names and profiles can be setup and simply "dragged" into boxes to be selected for gameplay. This means that high scores can easily be saved for specific players and, moreover, pictures can be used for easy identification!

Finally, the game incorporates modes previously exclusive to the (now retired) ChallengeMod, such as duet mode, medley mode, and the ability to use the webcam in gameplay. Moreover, as of 31st December 2012, party mode is now available in the v 0.3.0 Alpha version of the game.

However, despite the differences in programming, the same .txt files that you spent ages putting together for UltraStar Deluxe will still be read by Vocaluxe. You can point the song path in the config file to the same directory and use the two interchangeably if you're not sure yet.

As always, the best way to learn is to have a play around!